Our Charity of the Year

Our Charity of the Year

We at Sanders have always been active in supporting local charities and organisations and will continue to do so. However, this year has seen the launch of our Charity of the year and the first charity chosen is The Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent.

This charity was chosen mainly due to Peter’s love of felines and the conservation of big cats.

The Big Cat Sanctuary’s (BCS) four pillars of ethos are welfare, breeding, education and conservation of the world’s wild cats. They work in conjunction with the European Endangered Species Breeding Program with the aim to increase the generic diversity of cats with a view to ultimate reintroduction to the wild.

BCS is a young and vibrant conservation Charity with lots of experience and ambitious ideas. They often work with other organisations to maximise the effectiveness of their actions, and the BCS strives to achieve significant successes in the field of conservation, education and fundraising.

BCS is based in Smarden, Kent, where they house a number of selected endangered big cats with the view to breeding and where possible re-introduction to their home continents. The BCS is an innovative charity allowing people from all walks of life, nationalities and countries to join and actually assist (if they wish) in the long term care, and where possible reintroduce animals and plants in to their native habitat.

The BCS is actively directing its efforts towards saving endangered species by protecting their habitat and raising awareness of the causes and threats to the endangered species and their habitats.

They are open by appointment only throughout the year for personal big cat experiences and one set of annual open days in July of each year. If you have never been it is CERTAINLY worth the trip! However, there are many other ways in which you can help support them such as, overnight experiences, big cat encounters, becoming a ranger for the day (which is great!), photographic workshops, adoptions etc. Please visit their Facebook page or website for further information of this great organisation  thebigcatsanctuary.org

You can also read about the work of the Sanctuary here: